Friday, May 25, 2012

"Now that's a bad site!"

I guess as a web developer I shouldn't make fun of (hopefully) amateur sites, but sometimes I just can't help myself. You're the lucky reader of my first entry in the "Now that's a bad site!" blog series. First up: Popeye goes crazy in his first crack at web design.

Title: WWW.POPEYETHESAILOR.COM (no doubt about which site this is!)

There are so many things that are bad about this site, I won't even try to explain.

My favourite "features":

"click the button" -- I've seen lots of click here's, but this
is my first "click the button".  It's almost like "pull my finger".

Copyright till... 2046!  That's ambitious
for a web site.

I guess some of it's only good for
a few years.

And the classic use of "blink": large, bright, long blinking text on the banquet page:

Personally, I hope they never change this site; in 2046 I hope that future web geeks will look at this site and think, "gosh! they knew how to build 'em back then!"

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